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New lift testing

Choose Contact 24/7 Lift Solutions Ltd in Blairgowrie for professional new lift testing services.

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Qualified testers

At 24/7 Lift Solutions Ltd, we are qualified NVQ 4 Lift test and commissioning engineers, which allows us to test and commission new lift installations.




Elevators in modern building

Lift test regulations

The regulations worked to are:

  • EN81-20

  • EN81-21

  • EN81-70

  • EN81-72

  • EN81-28

  • EN81-71

  • EN81-73

Ensuring passenger and technician safety

The regulations we work to include the safety rules regarding the construction and installation of passenger and goods-passenger lifts, and improvements that aim at ensuring the safety of passengers and technicians, as well as improving accessibility and comfort.


There are also regulations in place for the behaviour of a lift in the event of a fire, plus lift use by firefighters in emergency situations, and we test according to these standards. Our testing factors in specific design rules, calculations, tests and examination of lift components.

Illuminated Push Button In Elevator

Disability considerations

Our lift testing also adheres to the EN81-70 standard which regulates lift controls, distances, dimensions, contrasts, and accessories for anyone with a walking aid or a wheelchair. Additionally, we test according to EN81-71 regulations for anti-vandal considerations in a lift.

Do you want to know more about our new lift testing service?

Contact 24/7 Lift Solutions Ltd in Blairgowrie. We also do lift installations and repairs.

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